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5 Rare Finds in Vehicle Storage Containers

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Car Storage and Vehicle Storage containers have been known to include some rare gems through the years… After all, Vehicle Storage is a practical way for collectors and aficionados of all kinds of cars, boats, caravans, camper vans and even trailers to keep their collections safe, secure – and off of their wives’ prized begonias.

For the most part, these cars are passed on from generation to generation, or sold to other collectors. But once in a while, something unique turns up… Imagine opening up a Car Storage container and finding one of these!

Forgetful, much?

 Imagine this: a surgeon stores his 1937 Bugatti 57S, one of only a handful of original supercars ever made, in a Vehicle Storage container in England – and promptly forgets about it. It ends up sitting in storage for over 50 years, until finally discovered in 2009 by the surgeon’s nephew, after his uncle’s death.

007’s Submarine

 In 1989, a lucky guy In Long Island, NY paid about $100 for a storage container – and found one of the original James Bond submarine Lotus Esprit sports cars from “The Spy Who Loved Me” inside. Elon Musk later bought the car during an auction in 2013, paying about $1 million for it.

From Dust to Glamour

 A 1966 Shelby Mustang Fastback was found sitting in the middle of a pile of junk after property was claimed by the Texas attorney general’s office. The car, layered in the dust of 26 years, was in near perfect condition and sent to an auction house in San Antonio, TX.  A rare find, with only 1,100 ever made, similar cars have sold for up to $2 million.

Racing Beauty

 In 2004, a beautiful vintage race car was found in a storage unit in Clearwater, Florida. The container was bought for $400 by Dan Heaton, who has been purchasing auctioned storage units for over 20 years. The race car was later sold on eBay for about $19,000.


 In 2013, a lucky auction-winner in Austin, Texas, picked up a storage unit containing 500 separate car parts. Instead of being the scrap metal it was expected to be, when fully assembled, the parts turned into a 1952 2-door Cadillac coupe. The total restore value of the car totalled $67 000.


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